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Thanks for the story around the story, in tune with the reach-around qualities examined.

I do think you missed an opportunity to connect House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's currently threatened visit to the Republic of China, Taiwan. As you point out Taiwan is the hub of global semiconductor chip production, and I think to see some correspondence between the Speaker's husband's investments in tech stocks like AMD, the Speaker's steely-eyed push of CHIPS, and Peolsi's hawkishness on China, all of which (and there may be one or two additional swirls in the nexus that I'm unaware of) sort of crystalizes with the idea of this article. The Taiwanese have been exploring and leveraging the tech incubator model of production for a good 30 years at least, and PRC China has reproduced this blueprint successfully in Shenzhen in a little over a decade. I'm not sure how savvy Pelosi (or the Pelosis) are on bootstrapping incubators, but 1) a US attempt to replicate the Taiwanese business model on our mainland would be interesting to say the least: wafer production is not an inherently clean industry, and tiny Taiwan has also been a pioneer in balancing production rates against emissions (then again they do have a literal sea at hand to piss and poop into), and 2) the US Big Software money, particularly Facebook-Meta with it's very hardware-based VR/AR ambitions (or desperations), want onshoring of semiconductor production to go well. But wafer foundries are not very Green, so there's some tension there, a can to kick down the road. Ty, D

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